Why You Should Try Waxing At Home

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Waxing is one of the two most popular methods of hair removal, but it often loses out to shaving when it comes to people's preferences. This is a shame because there are many benefits to waxing that shaving simply cannot compete with, and that makes waxing an attractive option for almost everybody. If you are tossing up about whether to buy a new razor and razor head, then perhaps consider getting some waxing supplies instead. Here are three reasons why you should choose waxing for your at-home hair removal purposes.


Obviously, the main drawcard for waxing is its long-lasting appeal. Some women report up to three weeks of no hair after a full waxing while the average is about two weeks. That is a lot more than your shaving counterpart, where you can start to see hair regrowing in a day or even less. For women with particularly busy schedules, fast-growing hair or those that simply do not enjoy shaving all the time, waxing is the clear choice. While there is a bit of pain involved with waxing, it saves you a lot of time and effort in the long run.

Cheaper Than You Think

Lots of women think the cost of waxing is a preventative barrier that is stopping them from getting into it at home. In fact, waxing supplies are very affordable, and you only need a wax warmer, some applicator sticks and a tub of wax. After this initial upfront purchase, the only thing you need to keep refilling is the wax and very occasionally the applicator sticks. Considering you can find wax warmers for not much more than the price of a mid-range razor, the two are very comparable while wax is also much cheaper than a razor head refill. In the long run, waxing can be cheaper than shaving.

Easy To Learn

If you have never tried waxing before and are nervous about the process, that can be another understandable factor in your hesitation to buy some waxing supplies and jump in. Many women try a professional waxing first to watch what the beauty technician does, but even without that, the process is simple. All you need to do is warm up the wax, apply a thin layer over your skin, wait for it to set, place one of your cloth strips on top and wait for a few seconds and then pull firmly in the opposite direction of your normal hair growth. The whole process takes less than a minute per section, and once you get quicker, it can go much faster.


30 November 2019

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