Eyelash Treatments That Can Transform Your Look

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As they frame some of your face's more noticeable features, your eyelashes have the potential to transform the way you look. With the right approach, you can widen your eyes and achieve a glamorous look that requires minimal effort. If you're not sure what type of eyelash treatment you want yet, it's worth exploring your options.

Eyelash Tinting

Eyelash tinting is a way of temporarily dyeing your eyelashes. Usually, this means going a couple of shades darker than your natural colour or tinting them black.

One of the main benefits of tinting your eyelashes is that you won't need to apply mascara every day. Your tint should last to the end of your eyelash growth cycle, which is four to six weeks. Before choosing this treatment, make sure you select a beauty salon that offers patch testing. Patch testing looks for potential reactions and will keep you safe. 

Russian Eyelashes

As a form of lash extensions, Russian eyelashes are ideal for achieving a dramatic look. As they're made from lightweight synthetic fibres, your beautician can apply more to each natural lash. While doing this, they aim for a fanlike formation. The overall result is that you have lashes with plenty of volume.

When you go to a skilled person, they can add lashes that last between six and eight weeks. It's important to choose a beauty salon where someone has Russian lash qualifications. It isn't an easy technique to use, but when someone has the right training they'll always do it well.

Eyelash Lift

Some people find that they have long lashes, but they don't point in the right direction. When your lashes droop or they're too straight, using an eyelash lift to give them a curve helps you make the most of your natural assets.

To perform an eyelash lift, your beautician will use a perm-like solution to change the way your lashes bond. Much like when you have a perm for your hair, it changes the direction of your lashes and makes them look fuller. A good beauty salon will always perform a patch test before going ahead with your eyelash lift. The results should last until the end of your lash cycle, which is between four and six weeks.

After finding the right eyelash treatment for you, you can shave hours off your weekly beauty routine. When you no longer need to tend to your lashes, looking gorgeous becomes much easier. Visit a beauty salon today to learn more.


13 January 2020

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