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Eyelash Treatments That Can Transform Your Look

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As they frame some of your face's more noticeable features, your eyelashes have the potential to transform the way you look. With the right approach, you can widen your eyes and achieve a glamorous look that requires minimal effort. If you're not sure what type of eyelash treatment you want yet, it's worth exploring your options. Eyelash Tinting Eyelash tinting is a way of temporarily dyeing your eyelashes. Usually, this means going a couple of shades darker than your natural colour or tinting them black.

13 January 2020

Why You Should Try Waxing At Home

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Waxing is one of the two most popular methods of hair removal, but it often loses out to shaving when it comes to people's preferences. This is a shame because there are many benefits to waxing that shaving simply cannot compete with, and that makes waxing an attractive option for almost everybody. If you are tossing up about whether to buy a new razor and razor head, then perhaps consider getting some waxing supplies instead.

30 November 2019